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Yes, they did a great job in customer service. The doll is delivered today with highest quality! Thanks very much. Fast, responsive and fixed my issue! The new doll I got works perfectly. The feeling of squeezing is just so relaxing. I am very happy with my entire purchase. I appreciate all the help. I have looked around and as far as legitimate retailers go, this is really hard to beat. And their customer service is something I wish every company could match.

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Yes, the company is safe. Totally worth the price! Every detail is perfect. There is nothing to complain. Even there where some extras added to the box making the whole greater than expected. 10/10. I also bought wigs of different styles and colors, which is really awesome, can’t wait to make her hair, do her make up, put different clothes on her and bring her to life (story I’m currently writing) 10/10 for the service higher recommend!