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Yes, Excellent service by the seller with many helpful e-mails along the way and questions always promptly answered! It took around 18 days from order to delivery to Europe! My doll is perfect! I immediately fell in love with it! This type of material definitely sets new standards in realism! I’ve had the chance to see a silicone doll in real-life before and that just didn’t impress me as much as my TPE doll! Very sturdy and durable feel.

Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, the sex doll vendor is legit. Wow! The order process was pretty smooth and support responded to questions promptly. The doll creation took a little longer than I had expected, about 2 and a half weeks, but OMG the end result is a work of art, absolutely stunning! Shipping was quick, a couple days to the USA, and the doll arrived without any damage! One thing to bear in mind is how heavy dolls are, it’s quite the workout to move and position them. Of course I love the weight because it makes the doll more realistic. review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, it is a trusted vendor. Great doll! Great experience. 2 dolls from this seller so far, will buy more from them. Great team. The amount of choice in the sex doll market makes any selection a little protracted to say the least. However the support I received from the team at this site made a lengthy choice a good deal easier, and allowing for all of my numerous questions I’m grateful for their professionalism and support. Much appreciated.

Is Safe ?

Yes, it’s safe and easy to use. Got my doll quickly! Perfect! Excellent service from the team, extremely helpful. Good build and looks very realistic. There are no chemical smells at all. Her joints are a bit stiff initially, but loosen up a bit the more you move them. Definitely go for the moving and heating systems as well, as they add a lot to the realism and experience. Her wig feels very soft and can be changed into other wigs. Works great!